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    Making history is easy, making a difference is hard

                                                                                                                                                                                  -Uncle Bob

Cliff Notes version of our history

Once upon a time...Nah. Not going to bore you. So where do we start. I got it! From small kids we remember playing with bottle rockets and black cat firecrackers in the back yard during summer.  Fast forward about 15 something years I met my best friend who yall call Uncle Bob (lol) that's hilarious because Bob is no where in his name. We started out in a tent because at the time Georgia was a safe and sane state, meaning fireworks in Georgia sucked! lol. But from our tent sale days Uncle Bob's Fireworks was formed. Fast forward about 4 years later we met our third partner Pastor Sherman. Imagine the coolest, smoothest, wisest man you'll ever meet then BAM, Georgia's fireworks laws changed and over night we finally carried the good stuff!  Up pops the name Freedom Fireworks GA, LLC. Our flagship store was located in Dublin, GA (we still da man in Dublin) and now we have 5 great middle Georgia stores. The rest is still to be written with your help and your continued business

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